Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Budding Talent at Salone 12

YOUNG DESIGNERS displaying prototypes (at Salone again)

This is the section that one is always on the look out see what they are doing and how they are thinking....

Lamp made by peeling away layers from a styrofoam block

Spagetti measure

3D carpets and dual-look furniture

More Carpets

Paper furniture from China

Paper Lamp

Paper used in the garment

Multi-purpose seat

Honeycomb shelving

All the way from Chile

Wine racks that make for wall decor

Modular seating

LEDs   Lighting all the way through

Deer farming anyone?

Foldable stool

Lights made with corrugated paper sheets

Just let it set

sacrosanct forms

easy lights and occasional seating

robed and dis-robed

rip your old sweater and wrap the wool around a frame, it still stays close to you...

Play with reflection and deflection

Of angles and wires

The other side of our bamboo specialist at Guwahati

piecing furniture

Solid weave

Subtlety in stone

Pelvis table and Bounce

Doing all Indians proud

Firmly set

Hold me up washbasin

Double duty bottles

Chimneys of the future

The Right fit

Stars on earth

Is it for real?

Cleanliness Drive

Felt lights

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