Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After hours at Salone 12


At any Show, there is always room for eyes to get wider, once all the essentials have been examined.

I know Salone was a long time ago...April 17th! but one never tires of putting on a slideshow of ALL the pictures that have been taken on all the devices carried on person.  All the magazines are done with their Salone coverage...the last one I saw was in Vogue Living,  July issue. Invariably it is always about the usual suspects and understandably so. There are 22 Halls (if not more to check out), and the best Halls are sort of predictable, making the walk tour manageable. 

AND THEN there are those that stand out for their enclosure design (pls note the avoidance of words such as booth and stalls...not respectful for Salone!) that make interesting pictures

One of the biggest highlights: Mr Riva built this car with Venetian wood

Vessels and ingredients take on a different role...what the hell, we can live on love and fresh air

Spaghetti anyone?

How many kilos of tomato would that be?

Move over Great Masters, we take centre stage

Green all the way

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