Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have just received a set of pictures that I have been WAITING for the longest....and I'm not wasting any more time. While Alex Davis' Cocoon lights have been a long time favourite,  some of the furniture sets from his studio - including a black lacquered dining room set which consisted of a round table with leather chairs and some very smart storage, will remain talking points for a while. Recently spotted was a dining room range in lacquered hardwood which stood on three-faced legs with a bar unit and it just took my breath away. Alex, who was beginning to be identified with SS furniture and accessories courtesy his Lazy Garden, SS Charpoy and the Moonlit Safari has much to be proud of in wood as well as leather and these can be seen at his INDI Store at Shahpur Jat. I will be visiting the store soon to click some more pictures, till then enjoy these......

 Famous Cocoon lights that cast a magnificent drama on plain walls

Pick a colour and a finish as well

Seeing a Red Moon...

Veneered bent ply in a rich tone

Thali mirrors

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  1. Just fantastic! The lights are gorgeous, very cozy and warm. I love the thali mirrors. Keep it coming. Totally enjoying your blog.