Saturday, August 30, 2014

Do the Labels on Wine Bottles tell a story?

At international airports, after taking care of my Duty Free shopping business, I usually find myself winding my way to the liquor and tobacco shops; not as much to shop but to check out the nice looking bottles, especially the Vodkas and Liqueurs besides the Remy Martins. On one such occasion, transiting through Doha, it was the turn of wine bottles. While there isn't much variation in bottles but most have very characteristic labels. I am wondering if one can predict the bouquet by the label......but then that will be another full fledged exercise. For now, it's these interesting labels which the shop manager very kindly gave me exactly five minutes to capture on my phone.

Wonder what the enthusiasts feel about this....

Luxe living



Need more

For an outdoorsy occasion

Old world charm

Hard to nail

Good things do last

Travel in time

Plain business

Life goes on and 'gems' just happen

Brighten up winter days

Typography matters

Add caption

Gold work such as this, quite an exception

Love how the pen struggled in Boecklin!

Good old

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