Monday, April 21, 2014

Exquisite pieces of antique furniture: Taj Khazana and Great Eastern Home

It's true that all things (the nicer ones for sure...) need an appropriate background for the finesse to shine bright, especially if it is furniture with history and lineage. Taj Hotels recently hosted a traveling GRAND TRUNK SHOW that had exquisite pieces of antique furniture that brought back vignettes of history and nostalgia. Conducted by a Romanian architect Alexander Doleo the show was one wiff of fresh air in the city.

Restored Italian Gilded mirror  console for the "parlour"

Over a 150 years old Chinese Bridal bed

A restored ancient oriental chest
Antique china in almost mint condition
Besides the Easel and Coffee table we love the miniature chair

Yes, we have seen many copies of this classic design

Remember the days of Dinner Wagons! Nostalgia revisited

a peep into the collection

The Show started its journey from Falaknumma Palace in Hyderabad to  Delhi and then onto Mumbai.

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