Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Days to Come


I was reading a Dutch Design Trend Book this morning (btw I've replaced my morning newspaper reading with Design reading...its a much better way to start the day than to read all depressing stuff, earlier about all the scams and now the resultant effect on our economy); and interestingly many leading design ambassadors pointed towards a melding of boundaries, which we see happening around us already - open kitchens take into their ambit the living and the dining room, walls are disappearing between bedrooms and bathrooms and the outdoors are all coming inside.....
BUT the point they were making was more than the obvious...
...that we are moving towards a world which is going to far more home-centric.

Dienand Christe, founder of World Trend Research Institute, www.dienandchriste.nl pronounces that there is "scientific proof: all we need is love". We might be a little 'quite' away from that yet it looms not very far. And that should be taken as good news?

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