Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to the Metals

Mudita Mull's Designs: Fresh from the Mint

So, I have this interesting story to tell......I have had these two very sweet young girls as my neighbour for the last two years. For more than a year we met occasionally at our common staircase, running in and out of our respective apartments but with with a firm resolve that "one of these coming weekends" we would spend an evening together. And so life went on...excited snatches of latest travels as we'd mostly meet on way or back from airports and each time we'd sign off saying let's try and catch up this Saturday....till I find images of fabulous metalware being shown at the New York Gift Fair in my Linkedin Inbox. The name rings a bell and I search more on the designer's name and background. Guess what... the designer is none other than the quieter, lesser seen of the sisters living upstairs! I could have hit myself because those days I was editing Livingetc and there was so much that we could have done together. But it turned out that Mudita was not ready to show in Indian market at that point of time.

The last few months have seen a lot more activity, both at the staircase and in my living room. We finally broke the jinx and have been seeing a lot more of each other and talking design and elder sister Savi's great travel stories. Not forgetting their brother Anand with whom I share a special Dengue bond!

These are some images from her latest collection:

If you have lived in the hills,  Hydrangeas just have to have been one of  your friends.
Here it is a platter...fill it up to your liking

A little flourish wouldn't harm

Perfectly finished smart nut bowls

Salad Servers that will bring a table to life

After nine years as Head of Design at Michael Aram's studio Mudita now rolls out her own line and  shows mostly at International Gift Fairs of New York, Atlanta and others. 

While Mudita and self bond over Design; Savi, her elder sister, and I bond over Food! And I am going to ask her to join me for a Cake mixing tomorrow...until then...
see more of Mudita's work at


  1. Love these!! You have such a lovely gift for writing and an eye for the unique.

  2. Thank you Dr. A

    I am glad you like what you see....I just thrive on good design!!

  3. Had a great pleasure reading your writing. It was wonderful to see through your eyes and discover such beautiful designs. Would wait to read more ....

    1. Thank you Piasi, yes there is more to come!

      happiness always!