Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phone Camera Library

Sifting through my Phone Camera

Yes, Diwali was a long time ago...and in this long period I have been traveling both literally and metaphorically! While on the physical level I did a road trip to the tribal and border areas of Rajasthan which included Pokhran and Pushkar besides Barmer, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur; on the metaphorical level I have been sorting thousands of pictures on my phone, camera and iPad. After eight hours of uninterrupted work, I find I have only just begun.

The ones below were taken at the Viabuzzino store (same building as Artemide) opening at Defence Colony, New Delhi.

  Light source has been concealed behind the front panel to show the  sculpture as a silhouette against the light washed wall.
Paper lanterns good for alfresco dining

Domes and colours integrated with lights

Lights that look like peel slivers!

Embedded LEDs?

Wall embedded lights 

Light graphic fixtures that have multiple possibilities for installation.

Upward movement
As is evident, many of these would need to be integrated at the architectural drawing level in the making of a building, though some can be retro-fitted, the designers say.

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