Monday, November 5, 2012

Manisha Gera Baswani's Solo Show at Gallery Espace

Hope is the thing with Feathers

The whole thing of going to a gallery to see a Show is the anticipation of how the artworks are going to stir you. There are the ones that show fabulous techniques, then there are those that are remembered for out-of-the-box concepts, for deft mixing of media and so on and so forth.
Few shows tie you down by showing present-day urban reality without a sense of dis-taste. There is a gripping intensity in Manisha Gera Baswani's latest works on show at Gallery Espace that one cannot escape. Smart and thought-out curation by her long time friend Prima makes the floor movement supple giving ample relief between the various media that Manisha has put out there. There are charcoals, acrylic and teawater mounted works as also video and other installations. Flitting between all these could have been a bit of a strain had the curation not been what it is. Worth every bit of driving to and parking in the mess that NFC has become...for sure visitors will not be disappointed! predictable our lives have become....many will hear a resonance of their lives in these sms(s)

Cross-over of miniatures and contemporary icons

In her teawater series one can see a bridging between miniatures and contemporary icons and patterns. Though she tells that there is no pre-meditated blue-print but a close study reveals a line of thoughts and strong emotions that is seeped in the demands of day-to-day life and the artworks are but a chiseled outpouring of these juggles.

Feathery precious moments in everyday life,  that are easily lost

"A new process of re-caliberation begins every time she feels she is exiting her Center" is very evident in the movement one sees between light and feathery works to the intense charcoals and then onto the tea water series.

Heart in the right place, even though within a metal chain jacket

The fine act of balancing many hats and standing perfectly straight on the axis of a sharp needle 

All trials and travails manage to pass through the 'Wedding Ring"

Feelings at the opening of a solo Show after more than five years must have myriad layers of emotions for any artist. Rightly so energy artistically channelised!

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