Sunday, September 2, 2012

Upscaled furniture

Purists might loathe this but a lot of good can be done (and is being done) to old pieces with new gen experimentation. While not all experiments would spell COMFORT accurately but then some pieces that straddle more than one known world are licensed for deviations. Anita Dalmia's new works created for Art Bengaluru are a case in point. These wooden pieces rescued from an old church (me thinks some part of Goa) get an unusual stain treatment and are padded with fabrics designed by her.

Remnants of a an old pulpit are now the seats for a new Order
Graphic artist, Anita has experimented printing on wood. This industrial looking patio set couldn't have asked for a better treatment aspiring for a life outside the yard. The table-top wood, the seats and back-rest appear to absorb the pigment well, I am hoping it will weather as well; in which case she would do well to be prepared for orders streaming in.

Touch wood? take a seat!

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