Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art Show

Yesterday Delhiites saw a beautiful was a colour that marked the turn of season. The light was crisp, the breeze was gentle and the many branches of many many trees seemed spiked by chlorophyll. The kind of day that one waits for - for it brings with it the anticipation of exciting art and culture shows that will go on till March. Promptly I put on my walking shoes to explore the districts I am surrounded by....Hauz Khas Village, Shapur Jat and Lado Sarai to name a few.  Guess where I found myself Lado Sarai for reasons of cleanliness. LS is one district which has scored over the others in this respect right from the beginning and thank God for it. HK Village is a nightmare, especially over the weekends (visitors are advised to avoid driving, take a cab instead), Shahpur Jat a wee bit better, but I'm guessing only till such time that eateries mushroom here. Ok, so back to LS...this art district has begun to get some home stores of late. Kinderhomes, The Hidden Gallery and now Andy Home. More on these stores later, but first I want to share the pictures of an art show I saw at Wonderwall, a new Gallery on the second floor of Latitude 28 and Artoholics. After a nebulous existence for a couple of years, it is nice to see Wonderwall take a brick and mortar dressing. Ajay Rajgarhia, whose brainchild WW has been, has held many a show at The Stainless and other prominent galleries. The first Show that opened on the 14th is titled Neti Neti, a solo show by Ashish Dubey.

Ok, here is a quiz (to be attempted before visiting the gallery site!)...which of the following images are photographs and which are not.....

The artist is a physicist and photography is his! See more of his works at

p.s.  These are photographs of reflections in water. Amazing work!

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