Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrapping Comes Before Gifting

Of course we all know that a beautifully wrapped gift makes a world of difference and adds that special elevating dimension to the entire activity of sharing.

This post stems from a personal experience of last minute gift wrapping and how self-defeated one feels walking in to a friend's home with a gift that could've had  happier packaging. Last year at this time we had devoted double digit number of pages to a feature on Ideas for Gift Wrapping. This year again, perhaps because this is the time when gifting hits its crescendo, that wrapping ideas take center stage.

A few trawled out ideas that could be an inspiration: 

Button down a pin wheel on small individual ones

The Bold monochromatic

Collect interesting ribbons wherever you might find them

For Oversized Drama

Beautifully simple

Papers with pom poms can make it easier

Touch of elegance

From school books to gifts, just the labels  are different

French Knots that work as knobs for drawer boxes

Sing along
For home made cookies

A Neat pile


Lil Goodie Sacks

Options within a Dimension

Chocolate Editions

Organic all the Way

Many ways of Combining with Brown

Lite n Lemoni

Many ways with wool and chord

The catch I figured is to be on the look out for interesting pieces that would work as embellishments on a gift and then execute it neatly.....there is still time before the bells begin to happy wrapping!

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